The concept of The Empty Hanger is exciting and innovative: What happens when the contemporary world of high fashion meets an ancient spiritual text? How can outstanding design interpret the emotions and aspirations of characters from history?


In an interactive multimedia presentation, Revd Joanna Jepson explores themes of sustainability, identity, ambition, dignity and belonging through 5 bespoke costumes created by top students at the London College of Fashion.


Designed as a cross-curriculum resource for Key Stages 3 and 4, The Empty Hanger works within the syllabus for Art and Design, Design and Technology, Citizenship and PSHE.


Further to this, the project is designed to explore themes of spirituality and religious belief within the RS curriculum, using a family of characters found in the Hebrew Scriptures, referenced in the New Testament. The Empty Hanger has drawn international interest following its successful presentation at an interfaith summer school for young women of Sikh, Muslim, Christian and Jewish backgrounds.


The workshop can be expanded or condensed to fit your timetable, and comes with optional preparation sessions and follow-up work. The Empty Hanger is a unique opportunity for your school to benefit from a connection with one of the most prestigious Design Colleges in the country.